Hi Никола Митков Тодоров,

> I am currently picking up on picolisp and am wondering why some functions
> are defined with Transient symbols as arguments. What is the point/benefit
> of that?
> For example function gen@lib/simul.l

This is to make these symbols file-local (transient scope), so that they never
can conflict with symbols outside this source.

The typical use-case is mentioned in

   1. for all parameters and locals, when functional arguments or executable
      lists are passed through the current dynamic bindings
   2. for a parameter or local, when that symbol might possibly be (directly or
      indirectly) bound to itself, and the bound symbol's value is accessed in
      the dynamic context

BTW, the same effect could be achieved with namespaces (pil64 only).

♪♫ Alex
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