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> > PPPS: I see you use (protect) to ensure spool-processing is
> > uninterruptible by signals, but don't see file-locking of the
> > spool-file, to avoid race-conditions with the mail-server during
> Yes, this would be nice, but it is not under my control. The pil way would be
> with 'ctl', but that is not obeyed by exim.
> On my server this is currently no problem, as I kill the process only at times
> when it is not yet starting the next fetch. Still it would be better of 
> course.

The race-conditions I mention are not about the script being stopped
part-way through its own processing, but rather:

 * when the script is processing a file at the same time the
mail-server is delivering to it (causing processing of an unfinished
message at the end of the file)
 * rewinding/truncating the file at the end of processing at the same
time the mail-server is delivering to it (not sure what that would
cause, but I doubt it would be good)

The chances of those things happening are low, but not zero.

> "postfix -l" doesn't work here.

Oops, I meant "postconf -l".

Rowan Thorpe
"There is a great difference between worry and concern. A
worried person sees a problem, and a concerned person solves a
problem." - Harold Stephens

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