On Sat, Apr 22, 2017 at 09:17:22AM -0800, Christopher Howard wrote:
> What is the significance of the version number components (major,
> minor...)? Does versions 17.6 and greater aim for backwards
> compatibility with 16.12?

Each release (down to the possibly daily changes of the "rolling" release at
https://software-lab.de/picoLisp.tgz) tries to be backwards compatible with
previous versions ... except for bug fixes of course, and strategic changes
(seldom, usually discussed in IRC in #picolisp).

The discrete versions like 16.12 are not special in any way. They are just
snapshots of the rolling release, to be released as Debian packages. The number
components have no significance, they denote year and month.

♪♫ Alex

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