While your long write-up is certainly welcome it is also unnecessary in my
humble opinion.
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2017-05-24 17:27 GMT+02:00 Jimmie Houchin <jlhouc...@gmail.com>:

> Hello, I just want to take an opportunity to introduce myself to the
> community.
> I have for a long time been interested in learning a LISP, but was not
> aware of one that was active and practical. I would research every few
> years but never found one. I do not know how I missed finding PicoLisp.
> But, I am glad to have found it.
> I explored Clojure several years ago, but I just have a very hard time
> embracing Java. When I opened a Clojure REPL and see the 3-400mbs of ram.
> It was too much. And I looked again for some other active and practical
> LISP. The only thing I can think of for not seeing or remembering PicoLisp
> is if I encountered it when it was GPL. I attempt to avoid almost any GPL
> software for development. I am very grateful that you changed the license
> to MIT, otherwise I would still be looking.
> I am not a professional programmer. But I have spent significant time
> programming. I started with Prograph CPX in 1994. I then learned Python and
> have dabbled with many things, but have spent most of my time with
> Squeak/Pharo Smalltalk.
> I am really looking forward to learning PicoLisp and hope that I find
> myself capable. It looks to be a very nice combination of features.
> I love the idea of it being a simple LISP.
> I love the idea of being able to learn most all of the system, libraries
> and interpreter.
> I love the idea of having a complete application framework, language,
> database, gui.
> I love the fact that it is small, fast and efficient.
> It looks like a place someone could make a home.
> Thank you Alexander for blessing the world with your creation. I pray it
> brings you many blessings in kind.
> Shalom
> Jimmie Houchin
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