When I browse the source for either VIP or the Wiki I do not see any explicit licensing for these applications. I understand that PicoLisp is licensed under the MIT license. However, I do not know that it is explicit that these applications are part of the PicoLisp language.

I think it would be good if applications such as these had their own explicit license. This way they can be separated from the distribution if desired. Developed independently from the distribution. And this question will hopefully no longer be asked.

I know Alexander has his own methodology for PicoLisp core development. I struggled to find where that is described in the threads relating to GitHub.

However, I think it would be nice if apps like these which are distinct from core PicoLisp could be placed on GitHub or some community accessible and manageable source code management site. This would make the community involvement on development of apps like these more possible or encouraged.

I am not suggesting any regarding PicoLisp core. That has been discussed. PicoLisp isn't the only language with a model as such. Lua also has core development model that is tight with the core devs. And the released software is completely open source.

Back on topic.  Is the license for the Wiki app and for VIP also MIT?

Thanks for your time.


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