Hi Matt,

> In order to minimize flash footprint, I was wondering if it would be
> possible to compile code down to byte code?  The reason i wanted to do that
> is then I could make of some library functions in reader macros off-target
> and avoid installing libraries on the target.

Can you explain what you mean? Compile *what* to byte code? Not the PicoLisp
binary, right?

Note that normal PicoLisp doesn't compile anything. It "compiles" to structures
of pointers to pointers, where the compiler is called the "reader" in Lisp.

As you talk of libraries, you should look at miniPicoLisp. It "compiles" Lisp
source files to C structures, to be able to put them into ROM instead of
precious RAM at runtime. However, these are still not byte codes, but the good
old pointers to pointers :)

♪♫ Alex

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