Hello Tamas,

Thank you for the helpful suggestions, I'm definitely going to do more
markdown via Github (not because of particular love of Github but rather
needed an account to build the Docker container with).

notion.so looks appealing for a fast track to a webpage or PDF.  I'm not
running Debian so no typora for me.  :(  retext is a Python-based
single/dual-pane markdown editor (easy keyboard shortcut to turn live
preview on/off) in my package manager and seems ok.

Definitely making a better effort to keep work documented as I go but
perhaps I got too excited and released it before going back to make the
docs  nicer.  I'm still learning how to release software correctly.

On Tue, Aug 1, 2017 at 1:43 AM, Tamas Herman <hermanta...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello David,
> There is an upcoming feature in Docker which allows building containers
> the way you described.
> It's called multi-stage builds:
> https://docs.docker.com/engine/userguide/eng-image/multistage-build/
> It's available in beta versions only for now.
> Btw, I'm using https://www.notion.so/ for taking notes while I'm
> researching or developing something.
> It's like a wiki but real-time collaborative and allows publicly sharing
> your results.
> I highly recommend you copy paste your commands into such a tool OR
> at least into a text file as you are developing something, then it's a lot
> easier later
> to turn it into an actual article / blog post / wikipage.
> As a middle ground between Notion and a plain text file is creating a
> markdown file
> which you can store on Dropbox, Google Drive, GitLab, GitHub for later
> sharing.
> The secret to create a Markdown file effortlessly is to use the
> cross-platform
> https://typora.io/ editor, because it is NOT a dual-pane editor.
> It actually shows you the content you typed in a nicely rendered format,
> EXCEPT around your cursor, where it reveals the underlying markdown
> characters
> and allows direct, plain text interaction with them.
> I know these sound nuances, but such details can really affect our psyche
> and
> make the difference between creating and liberating knowledge or
> indefinitely
> procrastinating over it.
> --
>   tom

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