Hi Christopher,

> Hi, I want to create a really simple PicoLisp Web application that
> parses the URL, and does something. Probably something silly, e.g.,
> visiting http://localhost/addition/2/2 returns a Web page showing 2+2 =
> 4. Is there some small sample PicoLisp code I could look at or start
> with?

How about this:

1. Put these four lines into a file "addition.l":

      (html 0 "Addition" NIL NIL
         (let (A (format (next))  B (format (next)))
            (<h2> NIL "Addition")
            (prin A " + " B " = " (+ A B)) ) )

2. In the same directory start

      $ pil @lib/http.l @lib/xhtml.l --server 8080 "" -wait

3. Connect a browser to


   or, if httpGate is running with a default of 8080, just


♪♫ Alex

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