Hi, what is the customary way PicoLisp programmers deal with load path
issues when trying to install a completed program onto a Gnu/Linux
system? My program has two *.l files. What I wanted to do was:

- Put the *.l files in $(PREFIX)/share/programname/
- Have a bash or picolisp script in $(PREFIX)/bin that starts the
program in $(PREFIX)/share/programname.
- Preferably do all this without having to modify the callers CWD.

This creates some difficulties because one of the source files simply
does a (load "myothermodule.l"), which works great when running from
the source directory, but not when installed somewhere outside the CWD.
Do I need to change that to (load "@myothermodule.l) and modify the @
variable somehow during invocation? Or I guess I could install all my
supporting files in @lib/ in the picolisp installation directory.

Or is there some other "load-path" mechanism in picolisp I'm not


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