I'm exploring Picolisp as a hobby for a while now, and I find it absolutely
amazing. I'm experimenting with 'native', trying to make some bindings for
SDL2 and OpenGL.

I want to call this OpenGL function with 'native':

void glShaderSource(
    GLuint shader,
    GLsizei count,
    const GLchar **string,
    const GLint *length)

I have a problem with the third argument. I can't figure out if and how a
pointer to an array of string pointers can be passed to the function using

My other question is about the fourth argument. Is there a way (other than
allocating some memory with 'malloc') so you can pass a C pointer to a
Picolisp symbol's value using 'native'?

I'd be very glad if someone could answer.

Alfonso Villén

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