Hi all,

PilBox now also runs on Android/Arm32 (albeit a bit slower), via the
installation of an "Architecture Plugin".
This is simply a ZIP file, just like the "normal" PilBox Apps. It needs to be
installed before starting PilBox the first time (otherwise PilBox complains
about wrong CPU and refuses to start).

Thus, for an Arm32 device, the procedure is as follows:

1. Install PilBox from Google Play (or from https://software-lab.de/pilBox.apk
   after enabling "Unknown sources"). Don't start it yet.
2. Point your browser to https://software-lab.de/arm32.zip to download and
   install the plugin. The empty PilBox starts. Stop it by swiping it out
   of the task list.
3. Downloand+install App(s) like https://software-lab.de/calc.zip

For an Arm64 device, only steps (1) and (3) are necessary (as before).

As ever, PilBox sources are available at


and demo Apps are


♪♫ Alex

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