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> PilBox now also runs on Android/Arm32 (albeit a bit slower), via the
> installation of an "Architecture Plugin".

thanks, wanted to do it myself but was too lazy:)
> This is simply a ZIP file, just like the "normal" PilBox Apps. It needs to be
> installed before starting PilBox the first time (otherwise PilBox complains
> about wrong CPU and refuses to start).
> Thus, for an Arm32 device, the procedure is as follows:
> 1. Install PilBox from Google Play (or from https://software-lab.de/pilBox.apk
>    after enabling "Unknown sources"). Don't start it yet.
> 2. Point your browser to https://software-lab.de/arm32.zip to download and
>    install the plugin. The empty PilBox starts. Stop it by swiping it out
>    of the task list.
> 3. Downloand+install App(s) like https://software-lab.de/calc.zip

works thus far.

One problem that I notice is that the UI gets totally confused with both the
device back arrow and the PilBox own back/forward arrows. Device back arrow
apparently exits the app.
When the blue arrows are used it seems like UI pages are displayed in their
old state so after a while the blue arrows navigate between totally inconsistent
and obsolete set of pages.


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