On Sat, Nov 11, 2017 at 08:45:01AM +0100, Alexander Burger wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 10, 2017 at 11:25:26PM +0100, Richard Z wrote:
> > I installed one example, looked at options/PILs. Then installed another 
> > example and somehow got the old page listing the PILs as they were in the 
> > old state.
> This cannot be, as the installation of a new App happens only when PilBox is
> stopped, and started newly with a new PIL (ZIP). Then there is no history yet
> and no back button.

it happened when I downloaded the zips with Firefox. I have no idea if I have
closed PilBox properly before, will try again. The first download (calc) went
fine. Opening the second download which I think was "demo" with PilBox made
PilBox install it and now I had two app buttons to choose from. Hitting the
new one gave me an blank page with the text "not found" and no navigation
buttons at all.
>From there I somehow got to the state that the main screen showed 3 buttons
while the settings screen only listed 2 installed pils.  After closing PilBox
and restarting this worked again.

> > In the "Demo" app, text fields, alternately pressing the various tabs a few 
> > times and then back I would expect it to return one level back and not 
> > previously
> > active tab.
> This is not the case, as each tab is considered to be its own page. In the
> PicoLisp GUI (@lib/xhtml.l) the <tab> function generates HTML links.
> > Also after clicking around in the Demo app it becomes very slow to the point
> > that I thought it stopped working - it appears like every page ever visited
> > remains still active?
> As I wrote in my last mail, the last 99 pages are remembered in the history.
> This includes quite some data, the whole state of all forms, fields, buttons
> and so on.
> However, I cannot observe any slow down-here, even after very many clicks. I
> haven't tested on 32-bit hardware though. The emulator is up to 20 times 
> slower
> than the native binary, are you using the arm32.zip plugin?

yes, I am using the arm32 plugin and I suspect the "life" display is 
running in the background in hundreds of versions.
I don't have any explanation why else the main demo screen would react 
upon first invocation and get dramatically slower as I click back and forth
thorugh the demo.


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