On Sat, Nov 11, 2017 at 01:10:33PM +0100, Richard Z wrote:
> it happened when I downloaded the zips with Firefox. I have no idea if I have
> closed PilBox properly before, will try again. The first download (calc) went

I see. In fact, I have not investigated what happes if a PIL.zip is pushed into
a running PilBox. Might be unpredictable, depending on whether the new files
conflict with the (possibly running) old ones.

Therefore, I recommend to always stop PilBox, then start it by clicking a new

> fine. Opening the second download which I think was "demo" with PilBox made
> PilBox install it and now I had two app buttons to choose from. Hitting the
> new one gave me an blank page with the text "not found" and no navigation
> buttons at all.

I saw this "not found" message (it is from the WebView component) occasionally.
The reason was usually that I started a new PilBox too quickly without the old
one having enough time to clean up and terminate.

BTW, you can find out the reason for a crash usually by starting new, going to
the REPL, and typing

   $ cat log-

"log" is the current logfile, and "log-" that of the last PilBox invocation.
The error message is in the above case often "Address already in use".

> > However, I cannot observe any slow down-here, even after very many clicks. I
> > haven't tested on 32-bit hardware though. The emulator is up to 20 times 
> > slower
> > than the native binary, are you using the arm32.zip plugin?
> yes, I am using the arm32 plugin and I suspect the "life" display is 
> continuously
> running in the background in hundreds of versions.

I won't think so, as this animation is driven by JavaScript (the '(+Click +Auto
+Button) in "demo/fields.l"), which stops as soon as the browser leaves the
page. Not sure what happens ...

♪♫ Alex

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