Hi, all

I want the below code to return
2nd & 1st list element from the argument provided to the describe-path function 
but it returns NIL in their place.

(de describe-path (Path)
'(1st text `(cadr Path) 2nd text `(car Path) 3rd text.) )

#run the function
(describe-path '(first second third))
-> 1st text NIL 2nd text NIL 3rd text
#output has NIL?

But below code works fine
(setq newList '(1st 2nd 3rd))
'(some text `(car newList) more text `(cadr newList) end text)
-> some text 1st more text 2nd end text

The describe-path function is a rough translation of the code below

(defun describe-path (path) `(there is a ,(second path) going ,(first path) 
from here -))

(describe-path '(west door garden))
==> (there is a door going west from here -)


Some help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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