Now I've got my brief introduction out of the way, on to more important
things than who I am.

I was hoping that there may be PicoLisp tshirts for sale already, but it
seems that's not the case, so I've asked and been told I was allowed to
put some designs up myself if I wanted, and that other people may be

I've had a look at a few different sites which allow for this and (for
now) settled on teespring as it allowed the most flexibility, despite
being a little awkward with their sale/campaign stuff. So, I present to
you, my first PicoLisp design tshirt

I shall certainly be ordering one myself. I believe the way that
teespring works is that they print batches every 3 days, so the
countdown is to the next batch and not a total design lifetime, but I am
not sure about this at this point.

I have made the prices as low as it will let me, which is practically at
cost (I think there may be $0.05 profit in a couple of them) but I am
not doing this to get money out of PicoLisp, it is just because I wanted
a tshirt, and I thought it'd be nice for other people to get some too if

Let me know what you think

Philipp Geyer/Nistur


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