I don't know if people do introductions here, but I just wanted to say Hi.
I'm really a bread baker <http://boxturtlebakery.com> but used to do IT
professionally and enjoy exploring ideas. I had written an application for
my bakery in Python running against Google's Datastore database. My
requirements change very little, but keeping up with the churn of
everything in that stack is very annoying. I tried Pharo and enjoyed the
Smalltalk development experience, but the churn of research languages is
just as bad with things breaking pretty much every year. I wanted to
explore functional and statically typed languages and tried Elm. It is very
nice, but one is still very much embedded in the browser and JavaScript
ecosystem and the churn of running things there is too much for me. Unison
is an interesting new language, but it is built on Haskell which is a very
research-oriented language and also still in active development. I also
thought that a peer-to-peer solution like Holochain would get me away from
the cloud providers, but I think things are just not ready yet. I also
don't want to pay for expensive hardware and full builds on Rust for the
Holochain apps didn't work on my 10-year-old laptop and took over an hour
on my newer desktop. I have an application to manage EV chargers running in
Factor (a Forth inspired language) and like it overall, but PicoLisp is
easier to build from scratch and has a much smaller runtime.
Similarly Clojure is a nice Lisp relative, but brings along the whole JVM
which doesn't add anything useful for me. I tried Guile Scheme and Janet
too and thought PicoLisp was simpler with better functionality for it's own
database, debugging, prolog functionality, and web-based applications. I
hope that that web approach of just using the browser for just the UI will
keep things working on old and changing browsers without all the testing,
polyfilling, etc.

My knowledge management is currently on logseq so I'd like to get that into
some form of PicoLisp so that I can have something of a literate
development environment. I don't want to go to emacs and org-mode so
something simpler. Then I'd want to do a couple of database apps with web
front-ends in addition to redoing my bakery application while extending it
with accounting using the Resource Event Agent model.

Thanks for the useful language and helpful documentation.
--Abraham Palmer

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