Hi Abraham,

> I'm stumped how this is happening if anyone can help. I had a little script
> that used `datStr` that I was writing/testing in vip and the function
> definition was undefined.
>  ...
> But if I then run `vip` with a new blank file I see when evaluating the
> same:
> ...
> : (datStr (date))
> !? (datStr (date))
> Undefined

If you run Vip from the command line, it loads only a minimal system, "@lib.l"
and "@lib/term.l". The function 'datStr' is in "@lib/misc.l", however, and thus
not loaded.

There are two possibilities:

1. You load "@ext.l" from the command line, and ideally also start debug mode:

   $ vip -'load "@ext.l"' myfile +

2. Better still is to call 'vi' from inside a running PicoLisp system, ideally
   inside the full application:

   $ pil myFile +

   Then you have everything in place and edit functions with

   : (vi 'foo)


☺/ A!ex

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