Hi Constantine,

> I'm studying PicoLisp sources and have 2 questions about `sigUnblock` func.
> 1. Does it called by `main` func in `main.l` because signals can be
> blocked by parent process?

Yes. The signal block mask is inherited across exec() calls. In fact, I don't
remember exactly why this is recommended or needed in the PicoLisp main()

> 2. Why it called in `stopTerm` func in `lib.c`? Is there is
> possibility to block signals by external process? (I didn't found any
> code for blocking signals inside PicoLisp.)

stopTerm() calls sigUnblock(SIGTSTP), to block further SIGTSTP signals while
being stopped.

Here, too, I don't remember the exact reason. All this signal handling code is
in PicoLisp since around April 2009.

Do you think these calls are not needed?

☺/ A!ex

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