Hi Alex et al,
For quite some time now (years), I've been attempting to have a
miniPicoLisp + libSDL + libUV working (on Windows as well) for a while and
I have finally got it working :) ... Much of my time was wasted attempting
"3 part cell" etc.

I thought that I'd record a video of the demo before sharing but I am
becoming impatient now :). I have the working version here -
To see the demo, simply execute server.l (which listens on port 8080 for
the mouse click locations and returns an RGB color). Then execute client.l
- this opens an SDL window and sends the mouse click location to port 8080
and draws a square on the window with the color returned from the server.
[Please take a look at the Docker file to see the dependencies that are

I think I need to work on modelling the callbacks better. It would be great
if I could have some pointers on how to do it better/right. For example, I
modelled uv_tcp_listen here -
execute the callback from the C callback "on_connection


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