Hi everyone, 
Version 1.0 of genPicvizParser is out, wich allows you to :

- generate parsers :
-- select the fields you want to use
-- add options to your parser (for inst.
        $ parser.pl --name "Julien Miotte" access.log > access.pcv
        Will colorize every line with the value "Julien Miotte" on the "login" 
-- add comment to your parser

- load and modify generated parsers,

- use parsers on specified logs :
-- a dialog helps you with the options

- use pcv to generate the ||-coords graph :
-- select the options you need

Every step can be used separately from the others, althought I included a 
small feature that pastes the result filename to the nex step. For instance, 
when you generate a parser, the parser filename is pasted in the "Log Parse" 
As I said, you can use every tab separately, even with parsers that weren't 
generated with genPicvizParser.

I will send you the code as soon as I figure how to get it under 40k or how to 
host it somewhere.

Best regards.
Julien Miotte
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