Hello people,

as nerds following svn rss from trac timeline already know, the
current subversion repository drastically changed, and has impact on
how the project is run.

Picviz started as a very small project to avoid all the hardcoded
stuff I had in the original idea I developed in the Prelude IDMEF
Grapher (Pig)[1] that I wrote for my lecture about intrusion detection
correlation in a talk given at the latest CanSecWest[2].

Because the program was small, everything was in the same shared root
and everything was release in one single block available into the
subversion repository in the picviz directory. This is now the case

>From the very beginning, you knew Picviz as something that was made of
log parsers, a library, a command line interface and a graphical user
interface: this is what I kept, but are now separated modules and have
their own release cycle. They are all available in their respective
- libpicviz
- picviz-parsers
- picviz-cli
- picviz-gui

Also, maybe you haven't noticed but Julien Miotte did quite some work
on the frontend side. Not on the current Picviz frontend, but on his
own way to see where Picviz was not good: user interface. Not only he
created an interface in Python+QT to generate Perl parsers, but he
wrote an interface to also help graphs generation with the CLI. He
called his program gPP for genPicvizParser and is available right here
[3] (even though at this very specific moment the website seems

Because it is clear it goes right into the ease of use a frontend
provides to a library, I've decided to nominate Julien as the
picviz-gui module maintainer

Julien is now the one you should complain at ;-)

His first plan is to merge gPP with the current GUI.

Finally, last but not least, Picviz real-time support got included in
OSSEC v.2[4]. While the support is still experimental, it gives you a
fairly good idea on how one can use Picviz to generate real-time
intrusion detection systems graphs to help you investigate in
suspicious stuff you see in a global picture and not just rely on
alerts received.

Sebastien Tricaud.

[1] http://software.inl.fr/trac/wiki/Pig
[3] http://mike.antiloop.fr/genpicvizparser/genPicvizParser-0.6.tar.gz
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