Hello Mike,

first of all, thanks for building picviz on MacOS.

> $ pcv -Tpngcairo fc15feb.pcv > fc15feb.png
> Floating point exception
> $

Can you share you pcv file? can you isolate the line in your pcv
producing this error?

I guess there should be debug information with it, what gdb tells you?

> Intel iMac, MacOS 10.5.6.  I can send other details if it would be
> useful.  I have other platforms on which I can run this, but it would be
> extremely convenient for me to make it go on a Mac.  Has anybody made
> this go?

Not as I know of.

> I'd be submitting patches, except I've little experience with cmake
> projects and am otherwise a lousy coder.  But I'd be happy to test
> patches anybody would like to send.  :)  I also have a PPC (G4) Mac that
> I can test things on too, if that's a platform of interest.

Thanks. Let's do that if I have more debug info.

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