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> Sebastien Tricaud wrote on 2/24/09 6:54 PM:
>> Can you share you pcv file? can you isolate the line in your pcv
>> producing this error?
> Yes, although I'd need to sanitize it - I'm actually graphing some flow
> data from our routers and it includes IP addresses.  :-)  But the same
> pcv file works ok on a Linux host, so I don't think it's the problem.

OK. As far as I search for your exception, it means there are other
people facing it on MacOS only. I will look for a workaround.

>    ipv4 s [label="Source IP"];
>    integer p [label="Source Port"];

You may use 'port' instead of 'integer', which will display ports from
0 to 1024 on half of the axis, and the other half will be from 1024 to

> Program received signal EXC_ARITHMETIC, Arithmetic exception.
> 0x95a8231e in __udivdi3 ()
> (gdb)
> Am I missing something obvious?  gdb n00b on top of everything else.

No, this is not your mistake, blame MacOS :-)

Can you type 'bt' here and send us the backtrace?

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