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> Hello Everybody,

Hello Jean-Philippe,

> I did a (simple) perl script in order to use "Picviz" with "Bro" (it's an
> open-source, Unix-based Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS)).

This is really cool, thank you!

>                                                                          }
> You'll find the files i use at http://www.rootshell.be/~jpli/picviz

A few tips you may find useful to improve your graph:
* Can you make a bigger image? simply add as much -r parameter for pcv
as necessary. I usualy do pcv -Tpngcairo -rrr file.pcv -o file.png
* I wrote the ' port' variable use that instead of ' integer'  for
port values. I will spread ports 0-1024 on half of the axis, and
1025-65535 on the other half: you will then see better the most
important ports
* I would reorganize your axes to be order in a source-destination
manner. Source IP would be the axis next to Destination IP, so that
you can more easily see stuff happening on your network etc., I would
do the same with source and destination port.

Anyway, good job, thank you!

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