Hello all! My name is Gabriel, I'm co-autor of a gsoc application for
Honeynet Project (topic 8).

This week we was started study picviz code and today. I created a
simple feature, a new slider that made possible hide the first 'n'
lines of the graphic.

In the original PicViz is only possible hide the last 'n' lines of the graphic.

Now you could set the first and last 'n' lines.

See screenshots:

In the 3-4.png you could see slicers working in graphic, the diference
is visible (disregard the first line, it's a test).

To do this I created a new widget in *.ui, 2 new functions and 2 new
variables in lines.py. The sliders are connected with functions in
line object, that functions get value of slider, after this set the
min(max) value of object and call updates_lines_view.

Toady will give an account in svn to us tomorrow (i guess).
After this, let's start commit!

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