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> Hi,

Hello Oguz,

> I want to show only the top and bottom values at axis not all the
> values. -a shows every value on the produced image, it is sometimes not
> readable and confusing. It may be more efficient for me juts to show the
> end points of the ranges that the values placed in on every parallel
> line.

To reduce a little, you can use -Ln, where n is the number of lines
you need before printing something. While this may help the
visibility, the behavior depends on the line appearance order.

Because I agree, and I've been asked already about the feature of
printing only min and max values, I will write the code shortly. This
will be available in the current svn tree as soon as I have time to
write it. Right now this is not possible.

> The second question is what is the usage of -d parameter?

for debug purposes. I use this a lot while hacking on the library.

I wrote a manpage 'pcv' where you can find more documentation.

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