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> Hi,

Hello Ionel,

> I found a way to know which of my users are bypassing webfiltering rules by 
> using PHPProxy.
> Basically, I wrote a python script that parses squid logs and list how many 
> different mime-types are associated with a unique URL.
> A threshold of 4 or 5 different mimes per URL is suspicious (however, GMail 
> and the like always shows up).
> I created a pgdl file using a modified squid2picviz.pl with only time, 
> source, URL and mime axis.

Awesome! if you have a picture to share, feel free to do so. I am glad
to have such feedback on Picviz ;)

> How could I specify a filter that says "highlight URL that points to more 
> than 4 MIME" (no matter how many times it has been accessed, so
> heatline does not seem to be an option) ?

It is not possible yet, and I understand your problem. So I will see
how I can add this new filter in the next release.

Best regards,
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