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TermiT wrote:
> I have another question how to unbind F10 key (it open application
> menu)
> On 27 мар, 16:47, TermiT <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> ok, nice it's work!
>> On 27 мар, 16:29, Ali Afshar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>> Hi, thanks for your kind words about PIDA.
>>> You will need to modify this:
>>> pida/utils/vim/vimcom.py
>>> Ali
>>> TermiT wrote:
>>>> Hello, first of all PIDA is awesome!
>>>> When I clicked on file in filebrowser pida open file in vim with vim
>>>> command ":edit", but it will be nice to do it with vim command
>>>> ":tabedit". What file I need to change to get such improvements?
>>>> Thanks!
> >

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