I'm certainly not the best person to answer but I will try ...

You can see a "project" as a group of files and rules when your are
working on a particular task

A project consist of a :

* Project Name
* Project Directory where you store your files
* Project Controllers which are things you often do in your project
   like building it, publishing it, executing
   you can configure controllers with environment variables, working
directory, execution command and so on


On Apr 29, 2:03 am, taiga <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I recently installed Pida and I'm starting to love it, it's exactly
> what I've been looking for for all these years!  However when I tried
> to get information regarding what constitutes a "project" within pida,
> I was stumped.  The documentation doesn't tell you how to set up a
> project and for that matter what a project or a project file entails.
> Could someone help me wrap my brain around what a project is in pida?
> Thanks,
> taiga
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