On 12 Sep., 17:18, Jeansch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi, i've just discovered pida, this project is fantastic !
> I have a question: is it possible to store the "project file" outside
> the project directory.
> Is it "acceptable", i can do the hack if everybody is agrea.
This was planned at some point, in the current development versions
much about project files changed (they are vellum-based now)

it would require some kind of relation between local project file and
project directory.
i guess adding a vellum option to get the real path would work,
patches for a clean integration are welcome

> The goal is to be able to add external projects like after having
> pulling the sources of a project,
> without "modifying it".
Could you explain that more detailed, i don't understand what you

> Aed if the project want explicitly add pida controllers, it could add
> it in another file.
The new Project files don't know controllers any more.
Same goes here, what is that supposed to mean?
> May be just "hide" the file could be an alternative.
> Jean.

Regards Ronny Pfannschmidt
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