Hi everyone,

Well, thanks to some really hard and dedicated work by the developers, 
it seems we have hit feature freeze in the 0.6 branch [1], and we really 
need you all to test the hg main trunk branch [2]. So anyone feeling 
hardcore, please try it and get back to us.

We are considering not doing a Alpha/Beta/Pre cycle as such, and depend 
on a set of quick early releases (a bit like KDE4 have done)

Highlights are:

    * pane/window/plugin state saved and restored
    * switchable workspaces
    * removed gconf dependency
    * remote control with DBus
    * lots and lots of bug fixes

As usual we need developers and help for other things, and the usual 
plea for documenters.

Now is the time to gather!

[1] http://pida.co.uk/trac/wiki/Schedule_0.6
[2] http://pida.co.uk/hg/


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