I'm pleased to announce the release of pida 0.6beta1.

You can grab the release at http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pida/
Feel free to aks us in irc://irc.freenode.net/pida

It took quite some time to get it ready and we did many large changes.

* the project system got a major overhaul

  * currently the main component is puilder,
    integration of other build systems is planned

* The plugin system got a major overhaul

  * we made a new config storage since gconf sucks
  * We grew an own package index for plugin's,
    the plugin-updater/installer will find published plugins
    on http://packages.pida.co.uk

* we expose all services via dbus (the api is still in flux)

* We got a language service that handles stuff like validation and
outlining ui's

  * we got outstanding dynamic python code-analysis thanks to rope
( see http://rope.sf.net )

* vim is now remote-controlled via dbus

* emacs and medit support got some enhancements

* we are able to actually run pida on win32 now
  (don't try this at home unless you know how to set up gtk)
  we hope to provide usable win32 installer till the next release

* anyvc is a separate lib now

regards Ronny
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