i have a possible fix at 
it will get merged later today, i'll have to solve some issues with
csw-gtk first

note that there is a cset on top of that branch that might break
depending on what kiwi version you have

On 4 Aug., 09:51, victor <victory...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Starting with changeset:  2086 : de81291f1108
> I am having problems running the hg version of pida
> It shows the following below and then just hangs with the progress bar
> almost complete.
> (I'm not exactly sure where to post this as the pida project seems to
> be spread across about five sites. Should I post a bug in launchpad or
> post a ticket in trac?)
> -----------
> ~/source/pida/pida-main$ ./run-pida.py
> /home/vic/source/pida/pida-main/pida/resources/data/gtkrc-2.0:5:
> Unable to locate image file in pixmap_path: "terminal.png"
> /home/vic/source/pida/pida-main/pida/resources/data/gtkrc-2.0:5:
> Unable to locate image file in pixmap_path: "terminal.png"
> /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/zope/__init__.py:19: UserWarning:
> Module kiwi was already imported from /home/vic/source/pida/pida-main/
> externals/kiwi/__init__.pyc, but /var/lib/python-support/python2.6 is
> being added to sys.path
>   import pkg_resources
> 15:31:39 dbus.connection      Exception in handler for D-Bus signal:
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "/var/lib/python-support/python2.6/dbus/connection.py", line
> 214, in maybe_handle_message
>     self._handler(*args, **kwargs)
>   File "/home/vic/source/pida/pida-main/pida/editors/vim/vim.py", line
> 52, in vim_VimEnter
>     self.svc._emit_editor_started()
>   File "/home/vic/source/pida/pida-main/pida/editors/vim/vim.py", line
> 141, in _emit_editor_started
>     self.boss.get_service('editor').emit('started')
>   File "/home/vic/source/pida/pida-main/pida/core/service.py", line
> 144, in emit
>     self.events.emit(name, **kw)
>   File "/home/vic/source/pida/pida-main/pida/core/events.py", line 21,
> in emit
>     callback(**kw)
>   File "/home/vic/source/pida/pida-main/pida/services/project/
> project.py", line 175, in editor_started
>     self.svc.set_last_project()
>   File "/home/vic/source/pida/pida-main/pida/services/project/
> project.py", line 568, in set_last_project
>     for project in self._projects:
> AttributeError: 'ProjectService' object has no attribute '_projects'
> ^C~/source/pida/pida-main$ Failed to receive messages at
> scim_bridge_client_read_and_dispatch ()
> An IOException at scim_bridge_client_change_focus ()
> An IOException occurred at scim_bridge_client_imcontext_focus_out ()
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