Hi Ali and poelzi,

Thank you for the feedback, since you seem interested I'll explain much
better the aim and the philosophy of pygtksci project.

The aim is to produce an useful source editing widget, I've been inspired by
other project, mostly qscintilla, I steal them the design.
I'm focusing on the interface, and I'm doing at least a lot of unit testing
to make it stable (Unit tests aren't sufficient, anyway).

There is a ScintillaBase c-module, with low level scintilla apis ( ~ 10
methods), this makes the C code really small and manageable, the C code pass
in this bottleneck so I can discover the causes of segfaulting quickly.

Then there is the Scintilla class, a normal python class inheriting from
ScintillaBase, here are the methods, with the flexibility of python is much
more easy/quick to tune the interface adding/removing/fixing methods.

I'm also producing a complete documentation , in a visual way check this
link for the state:

I'm trying to cover first the most important sections ( if you have
suggestions/requests about the priority.. ).

I post you some links:
Soruceforge project page:
Site and documentation:

I'm not working alone, there's also Steve, a really good developer, in the
mail I refer only on myself, just because my english is bad :)

Bye Bye!

2009/9/6 Ali Afshar <aafs...@gmail.com>

> Hi,
> We tried something like this a few years ago as a fork of the original
> pygtk
> scintilla bindings. We had a fairly usable editor from it, but eventually
> random segfaulting stopped us from using it.
> Am very interested to hear your progress.
> Ali
> On Friday 04 September 2009 19:11:40 gab.lan wrote:
> > Hi, I'm writing bindings for the scintilla text editing widget for the
> > pygtk toolkit.
> > Scintilla is a powerful (and the most used) widget in other IDEs
> > because it's fast and rich of features. The interface is a bit ugly
> > but I'm working on this to make it more pythonic.
> >
> > I want just to inform pida developers of this fact because they can be
> > interested in using the widget.
> >
> > Here's the site:
> > http://sourceforge.net/projects/pygtksci/
> >
> > Regards
> >
> > Gabriele Lanaro
> >
> >
> >

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