GRRR unhelpful bureaucrats. She's giving out the minimum information needed to
generate a half-assed reply :|

Reckon I should keep pestering her?


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Subject: RE: Lecture List source data
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 08:23:34 +0100
From: Sarah Woods <>
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Dear Ximin

I get the information from the Departments and Faculties and then pass it on to
Peter Hester over at the Cambridge Press who creates the proofs to the Lecture
List format.

Sarah Woods

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Sarah Woods wrote:
> I am sorry to say this but I don't have the Lecture List in any other 
> format.  I deal with the proofs at various stages but once it has gone 
> to the Press to be published I only get the Lecture List as a hard 
> copy book and not electronically.

Oh, well thanks anyway. So who's responsible for creating the proofs in the
first place? Does someone obtain data from each faculty, then convert it to the
Lecture List format, or does each faculty prepare their own pages directly and
send it to you?

Also, on the Lecture List website, it says "It is intended in future to provide
a form of the lecture-list which is more appropriate for online use." - do you
have any more details about this, such as who would be doing this work, and if
it's in-progress at the moment?


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