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Date: Fri Aug  1 02:13:14 2014
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Add README.patches to explain what is what


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+== What are these patches for? ==
+=== Patches to GstZRTP ===
+gstzrtp.diff (required)
+  This patch adds functionality that is needed by the Pidgin-ZRTP plugin,
+  but not implemented/activated in the official distribution of GstZRTP:
+  * sas_verify: Let the client store the authentication status for a peer
+gstzrtp-new_algos.diff (recommended)
+  The current version of GstZRTP expectsi that some more recent algorithms
+  are available. This patch adds their implementations to the CMake file:
+  (This is also implies that GstZRTP's own crypto implementations will be
+  used, not those from the OpenSSL library.)
+  * curve25519-donna
+  * skein256
+  * skein384
+  * skeinMac256
+  * skeinMac384
+gstzrtp-old_version.diff (alternative to gstzrtp-new_algos.diff)
+  As an alternative to adding the new algorithms, this patch reverts
+  to an older version of GstZRTP (tag: V3.2.2_2).
+  Using an outdated version of GstZRTP is not recommended for regular use!
+  Anyhow, the old version might be useful for testing, to compare the old 
+  behaviour with the more recent version and its standalone crypto 
+gstzrtp-gst1.0.diff (not necessary yet)
+  This patch adapts gstzrtpfilter (normally running with GStreamer-0.10), so 
+  it will also compile with GStreamer-1.0.
+  This hasn't really been tested yet, but as Pidgin will move to Pidgin-3.0 and
+  Farstream-0.2, there will be a switch to GStreamer-1.0 one day.
+gstzrtp-use_gst1.0.diff (optional, in addition to gstzrtp-gst1.0.diff)
+  Modifies the CMakeLists.txt file, so that GstZRTP will be compiled for 
+  Expects GStreamer version 1.0.10 or above.
+=== Patches to Pidgin ===
+pidgin.diff (recommended)
+  Modification to the plugins' Makefile.
+  Adds the simplezrtp directory to Pidgin's regular building procedure.
+pidgin-mediawindow.diff (optional)
+  In the official distribution of Pidgin, a plugin cannot access the media 
+  of an audio/video conference.
+  The patch causes the PidginWindow object to leave a reference for the 
Pidgin-ZRTP plugin.
+  If this reference is available, the plugin can integrate its UI into the 
media window,
+  so that ZRTP feedback will appear in the context of the call it refers to.
+  Otherwise, the UI will use a separate window.

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