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  Pig compiles these dataflow programs into (sequences of) map-reduce jobs and 
executes them using Hadoop. It is also possible to execute Pig Latin programs 
in a "local" mode (without Hadoop cluster), in which case all processing takes 
place in a single local JVM.
  == News ==
+ '''Pig is Getting Faster!'''  2-6 times faster, for many queries.  We've 
created a set of benchmarks and run them against the pig 0.1.0 release 
(modified to run on hadoop
+ 0.18) and against the code on the types branch (which will soon be merged 
into trunk and released as version 0.2.0).  Joins and order
+ bys in particular made large performance gains.  See PigMix for complete 
  '''Pig Has Grown Up!'''. As of today (10/22/08) Pig has graduated from the 
[ Incubator] and joined [ 
Hadoop] as a subproject. The actual transition will occur in the next couple of 

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