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   1. Add documentation update the process once we integrate the documentation 
into forrect. (Will need docs target in build.xml)
+ == Updating Release Branch ==
+ The steps in this section are needed for all the releases (major, minor, and 
+  1. Check out the branch with:{{{
+ svn co
+ }}}
+  2. For patches, update CHANGES.txt to include the release version and date. 
See #2 from Create Release Branch section.
+  3. Update RELEASE_NOTES.txt with release notes for this release. 
+  4. Update the version number in `build.xml` to be X.Y.N-dev, where N is one 
greater than the release being made. 
+  5. Commit these changes:{{{
+ svn commit -m "Preparing for release X.Y.Z"
+ }}}
+  6. Tag the release candidate:{{{
+ svn copy \
+ -m "Pig 
X.Y.Z-rcR release."
+ }}}

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