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  === Front-end ===
  `PigException` will serve as the base class for all the frontend exceptions. 
`PigException` will also be the exception thrown by Pig to external systems. 
Presently, the Pig APIs throw `IOException`. As a result, `PigException` will 
extend `IOException` in order to maintain backward compatibility. 
`FrontendException` will extend `PigException` and serve as the umbrella for 
all front-end exceptions. The task specific exceptions from the front-end 
components will subclass `FrontendException` to ensure clarity and enable 
extensions in the future.
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  `PigException` contains the following attributes and methods.
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  Hadoop provides the ability to aggregate counters for the entire application. 
The change in counter values has to be performed via the Hadoop reporter. A new 
interface, `PigLogger` will be used to abstract logging of warning messages. A 
back-end specific `PigHadoopLogger` will implement this interface and provide 
the functionality of warning message aggregation using Hadoop counters if the 
warning message aggregation is turned on. If the warning message aggregation is 
turned off, the warning messages are sent to STDERR which will appear in 
Hadoop's STDERR logs.
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  === Front-end ===
  Currently, the type checker uses a collector to collect error and warning 
messages. The use of the collector has to be extended for each subsystem in the 

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