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  ||'''Error Code'''||'''Error Message'''||
  ||1000||Error during parsing||
  ||1001||Unable to descirbe schema for alias <alias>||
+ ||1002||Unable to store alias <id>||
+ ||1003||Unable to find an operator for alias <alias>||
  ||1004||No alias <alias> to <operation>||
  ||1005||No plan for <alias> to <operation>||
  ||1006||Could not find operator in plan||
@@ -155, +157 @@

  ||1063||Problem while reading field schema from input while inserting cast||
  ||1064||Problem reading column <col>  from schema: <schema>||
  ||1065||Found more than one load function to use: <list of load functions>||
+ ||1066||Unable to open iterator for alias <alias>||
+ ||1067||Unable to explain alias <alias>||
  ||2000||Internal error. Mismatch in group by arities. Expected: <schema>. 
Found: <schema>||
  ||2001||Unable to clone plan before compiling||
  ||2002||The output file(s): <filename>  already exists||
@@ -171, +175 @@

        i. Updated "Compendium of error messages" to include new error codes 
(2002, 2003, 4000, 4001, 6000, 6001) and error messages and moved error code 
1002 to 2001
        i. Updated "Frontend errors" to remove PigParseException
        i. Updated "Additional command line switches" to remove pid from log 
file name.
+    1. December 24, 2008: Updated "Compendium of error messages" to include 
new error codes (1002, 1003, 1066, 1067)
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