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Added error codes 1085 through 1093

  ||1082||Cogroups with more than 127 inputs not supported.||
  ||1083||setBatchOn() must be called first.||
  ||1084||Invalid Query: Query is null or of size 0.||
+ ||1085|| <First/Second> operator in <pushBefore/pushAfter> is null. Cannot 
<pushBefore/pushAfter> null operators.||
+ ||1086||First operator in <pushBefore/pushAfter> should have multiple 
<inputs/outputs>. Found first operator with <size>  <inputs/outputs>.||
+ ||1087||The <inputNum/outputNum> <num> should be lesser than the number of 
<inputs/outputs> of the first operator. Found first operator with <size> 
+ ||1088|| <First/Second> operator in <pushBefore/pushAfter> should have <at 
least> one <output/input>. Found <first/second> operator with <no/<size> > 
+ ||1089||Second operator in <pushBefore/pushAfter> should be the 
<successor/predecessor> of the First operator.||
+ ||1090||Second operator can have at most one <incoming/outgoing> edge from 
First operator. Found <num> edges.||
+ ||1091||First operator does not support multiple <outputs/inputs>. On 
completing the <pushBefore/pushAfter> operation First operator will end up with 
<num> edges||
+ ||1092|| <First/Second> operator in swap is null. Cannot swap null 
+ ||1093||Swap supports swap of operators with at most one <input/output>. 
Found <first/second> operator with <size> <inputs/outputs>||
  ||2000||Internal error. Mismatch in group by arities. Expected: <schema>. 
Found: <schema>||
  ||2001||Unable to clone plan before compiling||
  ||2002||The output file(s): <filename>  already exists||

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