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  it will `not` ship it at all since there is no way to ship files to the 
necessary location (lack of permissions etc.).
+ A few other points to keep in mind with regards to auto-ship:
+ Pig will also not auto-ship files in the following system directories (this 
is determined by executing 'which' command)
+         /bin
+         /usr/bin
+         /usr/local/bin
+         /sbin
+         /usr/sbin
+         /usr/local/sbin
+ Also to autoship, the file in question should be present in the PATH. So if 
the file in the current working directory then the current working directory 
should be in the PATH.
  2. It is safe only to ship files to be executed from the cwd on the task on 
the cluster:
  OP = stream IP through `script`;

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