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      as (user, action, timespent, query_term, ip_addr, timestamp,
          estimated_revenue, page_info, page_links);
  B = group A by user;
- C = foreach B generate A.user, MAX(A.estimated_revenue);
+ C = foreach B generate group, MAX(A.estimated_revenue);
  store C into 'highest_values';
  D = group A by query_term;
  E = foreach D generate group, SUM(A.timespent);
@@ -403, +403 @@

  Will be executed as:
- [TBD]
+ attachment:mapreduce-mapreduce.png
  If a split happens in a reduce plan, splittees have to be map-only jobs to be 
merged into the splitter.
  If there are map-reduce splittees the reduce will result in a tmp store and 
the splittees are run in separate

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