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= Pig Tools =

This page describes tools that users have built on top of Pig.  Some of these 
tools make developing Pig Latin scripts easier.  Some facilitate
running Pig in your environment.  The tools are listed in alphabetical order.

=== PigPen ===

An Eclipse plugin for Pig.  In addition to standard syntax highlighting it 
supports graphical construction of Pig Latin scripts (box and arrow) as
well as showing the user the output schema of each line in a Pig Latin script 
and example output of his or her script.  Pig can be run directly
from !PigPen in either local or Map-Reduce mode.

=== PigPy ===

A Python wrapper that helps users manage their Pig processes.  It can manage 
many similar Pig Latin scripts, including running common root scripts
and caching the results to be used in generation of the final output scripts.  
Pig can be run directly from !PigPy, allowing users to inspect
results of the Pig job and take further actions.

=== Vim Plugin ===

Provides syntax highlighting for Pig Latin scripts.

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