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Error code related to Merge Join

  ||1099||Node to be replaced cannot be null.||
  ||1100||Replacement node cannot be null.||
  ||1101||Merge Join must have exactly two inputs. Found : + <size> + inputs ||
- ||1102||Error encountered while doing sort merge join. Check if data on right 
side is sorted. Last two tuples encountered were: \n"+ <previous tuple>+ "\n" + 
<current tuple>||
+ ||1102||Data is not sorted on <left/right> side. Last two keys encountered 
were: <previous key>, <current key> ||
  ||2000||Internal error. Mismatch in group by arities. Expected: <schema>. 
Found: <schema>||
  ||2001||Unable to clone plan before compiling||
  ||2002||The output file(s): <filename>  already exists||
@@ -367, +367 @@

  ||2162||Error during fixing projections. Could not locate mapping for column 
<column>  in new predecessor.||
  ||2163||Error during fixing projections. Could not locate replacement column 
for column: <column> in the new predecessor.||
  ||2164||Expected EOP as return status. Found: <returnStatus> ||
+ ||2165||Index constructed for right side is empty. ||
+ ||2166||Key type mismatch. Found key of type <type> on left side. But, found 
key of type <type> in index built for right side. ||
+ ||2167||LocalRearrange used to extract keys from tuple isn't configured 
correctly. ||
+ ||2168||Expected physical plan with exactly one root and one leaf. ||
+ ||2169||Physical operator preceding <right/left> predicate not found in 
compiled MR jobs.||
+ ||2170||Physical operator preceding both left and right predicate found to be 
same. This is not expected. ||
+ ||2171||Expected one but found more then one root physical operator in 
physical plan. ||
+ ||2172||Expected physical operator at root to be POLoad. Found : 
  ||2998||Unexpected internal error.||
  ||2999||Unhandled internal error.||
+ ||3000||IOException caught while compiling POMergeJoin||
  ||4000||The output file(s): <filename>  already exists||
  ||4001||Cannot read from the storage where the output <filename> will be 
  ||4002||Can't read jar file: <name>||

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