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  The highlights of this release are ... The details of the release can be 
found at
+  12. In JIRA, mark the release as released.
+    a. Goto JIRA and click on Administration tab.
+    a. Select the Pig project.
+    a. Select Manage versions.
+    a. Select Release for the version you have released.
+    a. If a description has not yet been added for the version you are 
releasing, select Edit Details and give a brief description of the release.
+    a. If the next version does not exist (that is, if you are releasing 
version 0.x, if version 0.x+1 does not yet exist) create it using the Add 
Version box at the top of the page.
  [TODO Need to integrate javadoc into this.]
  [TODO Integrate with JIRA]

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