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  ||getStorePreparationClass() ||getOutputFormat() ||!StoreFunc ||In the old 
API, getStorePreparationClass() was the means by which the implementation could 
communicate to Pig the !OutputFormat to use for writing - this is now achieved 
through getOutputFormat(). getOutputFormat() is NOT an optional method and 
implementation SHOULD provide an !OutputFormat to use. The methods in the 
!OutputFormat (and underlying !RecordWriter and !OutputCommitter) will be 
called by pig in the same manner (and in the same context) as by Hadoop in a 
map-reduce java program. The checkOutputSpecs() method of the !OutputFormat 
will be called by pig to check the output location up-front. This method will 
also be called as part of the Hadoop call sequence when the job is launched. So 
implementations should ensure that this method can be called multiple times 
without inconsistent side effects. ||
  ||bindTo() ||prepareToWrite() ||!StoreFunc ||bindTo() was the old method 
which would provide an !OutputStream among other things to the !StoreFunc. The 
!StoreFunc implementation would then write to the !OutputStream in putNext(). 
In the new API, writing of the data is through the !OutputFormat provided by 
the !StoreFunc. So the equivalent call is prepareToWrite() wherein the 
!RecordWriter associated with the !OutputFormat provided by the !StoreFunc is 
passed to the !StoreFunc. The !RecordWriter can then be used by the 
implementation in putNext() to write a tuple representing a record of data in a 
manner expected by the !RecordWriter. ||
  ||putNext() ||putNext() ||!StoreFunc ||The meaning of putNext() has not 
changed and is called by Pig runtime to write the next tuple of data - in the 
new API, this is the method wherein the implementation will use the the 
underlying !RecordWriter to write the Tuple out ||
- ||finish() ||no equivalent method in !StoreFunc - implementations can use 
close() in !RecordWriter or commitTask in !OutputCommitter ||!RecordWriter or 
!OutputCommitter ||finish() has been removed from !StoreFunc since the same 
semantics can be achieved by !RecordWriter.close() or 
!OutputCommitter.commitTask() - in the latter case 
!OutputCommitter.needsTaskCommit() should return true. ||
+ ||finish() ||no equivalent method in !StoreFunc - implementations can use 
commitTask() in !OutputCommitter ||!OutputCommitter ||finish() has been removed 
from !StoreFunc since the same semantics can be achieved by 
!OutputCommitter.commitTask() - (!OutputCommitter.needsTaskCommit() should 
return true to be able to use commitTask()). ||
  An example of how a simple !StoreFunc implementation based on old interface 
can be converted to the new interfaces is shown in the Examples section below.

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