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  || Removing Split by file feature || Split by File || Low to None || Input 
format of the loader would need to support this || We don't know that this 
feature was widely/ever used ||
  || Local files no longer accessible from cluster || Access to Local Files 
from Map-Reduce Mode || low to none || copy the file to the cluster using 
copyToLocal command prior to the load || This feature was not documented ||
  || Removing Custom Comparators || Removing Custom Comparators || Low to None 
|| None || This feature has been deprecated since Pig 0.5.0 release. We don't 
have a single known use case ||
+ || Using PigFileInputFormat and PigTextInputFormat || Changes to custom Load 
Functions || Low to medium || Custom loaders using a text-based input format 
and like to support recursive file listing || This is to get around the problem 
in MAPREDUCE-1577. ||
  == Changes to the Load and Store Functions ==

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