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   * [[|Twitter]]<<BR>>
    * We use Pig extensively to process usage logs, mine tweet data, and more.
    * We have maintain [[|Elephant 
Bird]], a set of libraries for working with Pig, LZO compression, protocol 
buffers, and more.
-   * More details can be seen in this presentation:<<BR>>
+   * More details can be seen in this presentation:
   * [[|Yahoo!]]
    * More than 100,000 CPUs in >25,000 computers running Hadoop
    * Our biggest cluster: 4000 nodes (2*4cpu boxes w 4*1TB disk & 16GB RAM)
@@ -31, +32 @@

    * [[|Our Blog]] - Learn more about 
how we use Hadoop.
    * >40% of Hadoop Jobs within Yahoo are Pig jobs.
+  * [[|Mendeley]]<<BR>>
+   * We are creating a platform to aggregate research and allow researchers to 
get the most out of the web.
+   * We moved all our catalogue stats and analysis to HBase and Pig
+   * We are using Scribe in combination with Pig for all our server, 
application and user log processing.
+   * Pig helps our business analytics, user experience evaluation, feature 
feedback and more out of these logs

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